Division of Forestry Group Leadership
Party Secretary Jiang Yong
Guangxi Forestry Group chairman leading the overall work. Responsible for planning, finance, human resources work.
Head of Planning and Finance Department, Human Resources.
Hsu Feng Director
Deputy General Manager responsible for Northern pulp and paper integration project of Hailin, Yen integrated pulp and paper projects, audit and supervision work.
Assist the chairman in charge of human resources.
Pulp and paper company in charge of Guihai Lin, Gui Qin Lin pulp and paper companies, to monitor the audit department.
Yu Haoguang Directors
Vice President responsible for enterprise management and standardization of system construction, project operation management, logistics park construction, quality management, production management, sales management, forest plantation management, safety, responsible forest investment company to build. Ministry in charge of business management, Gui Fenglin industry companies, and the peak pulp and paper company, the China - ASEAN (Nanning) Forest Industry Logistics Park, Guangxi, China Ting investment companies, Shangsi Hualin company.
Peng Faji Directors
Deputy General Manager responsible for the autonomous regions directly under the 13 state-owned forest farms 212 acres of state forest land allocated to the replacement work, is responsible for 212 million mu of forest land allocated to the group after the operation and management; responsible for development planning, office work; responsible for the Guangxi Forestry investment company Continental; responsible for forestry security company to assess the company planning.
Assist the chairman in charge of Planning and Finance Department. Charge of the office, the Ministry of Development Planning, Guangxi Intercontinental forestry investment company.
General Counsel James Fang Xiang responsible for legal affairs, risk management, contract approval, the forest dispute mediation, labor unions, logistics and so on.
In charge of trade unions.
The overall work of the office chair.



Guangxi Forestry Group
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