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Why should we join MetInfo agent platform?

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Reason for a lower cost, the professional division of labor, increase efficiency
    MetInfo range of products and services, pricing idea is "low-priced products and services at reasonable charges," m extension information management system for enterprise website launched MetInfo main purpose is to rely on products to integrate a development platform, agents can use the zero-cost enterprise website MetInfo management systems for its customers Jian Zhan (such as participating in an official "personalized template for a permanent business license," "business authorization to acquire the space to send" activities, etc.), even the direct purchase of an official permanent commercial license cost is very low.
   Site construction industry can be specialized division of labor: the background development, style, design, maintenance services, website promotion, and the corporate Web site can rely on a set of functional sites mature management system to achieve the site Construction (design) companies should be more energy and inputs used to meet the customer's individual style, needs and service demands, m extension information in the proxy policy, virtually 100% of the personalized needs of profit and service margins give the agents, and to MetInfo enterprise website management system for platform, the joint around the agents, and ultimately achieving the professional division of labor, to improve efficiency.



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